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Deep Impact's services are designed to deliver tangible results and numerous benefits for impact-driven organizations.

“Deep Impact was created with the purpose of supporting organizations in achieving their goals and making a positive difference”

At Deep Impact, we stand out for our exceptional team of professionals and diverse backgrounds, offering a comprehensive range of expertise across various domains. Our unique blend of skills and experiences makes us the ideal choice for organizations seeking to drive sustainable impact and navigate complex challenges effectively.

Our team brings a deep focus on sustainability and impact, with a thorough understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors across diverse sectors. We specialize in business development and strategy, crafting tailored solutions to unlock growth opportunities and drive meaningful change.


CMO Fractional Services

Deep Impact offers Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services as part of our subscription plans

Providing access to experienced marketing expertise without the cost of hiring a full-time CMO

  • CMO Fractional Services:
    • Strategic Marketing Planning: Develop tailored marketing strategies aligned with organizational goals and objectives.
    • Brand Development: Create compelling brands that resonate with target audiences and differentiate from competitors.
    • Campaign Management: Oversee the execution of marketing campaigns across various channels to drive engagement and conversions.
    • Performance Analysis: Monitor and analyze marketing performance metrics to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.

Sustainability & Impact Consulting

Navigate the complexities of sustainability and ESG factors with our expert consulting services.

We help organizations integrate sustainable practices into their operations, aligning with social and environmental goals

  • Expected Results: Comprehensive evaluation of social and environmental impact, demonstrating accountability and transparency.


  • Benefits: Enhanced credibility, trust, and reputation. Improved stakeholder engagement and support.

Marketing and Communication Strategies

Guidance and support to entrepreneurs and small business owners in developing countries on how to integrate sustainable development principles into their business operations and value proposition

  • Expected Results: Effective and targeted marketing campaigns that engage and inspire your audience.


  • Benefits: Increased visibility, reach, and engagement. Improved customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty

Market Research and Analysis

Guidance and support to organizations on how to conduct market research and analysis to identify opportunities and challenges in sustainable development and economic empowerment in developing countries

  • Expected Results: In-depth insights into market trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape.


  • Benefits: Informed decision-making, targeted product/service development, and competitive advantage in the market.

Fundraising & Impact Investing Support

Support for startups and SME to navigate the complexities of raising capital from impact investors

Guidance and support to organizations and individuals on how to make investments that have a positive impact on sustainable development goals (SDGs) and on the lives of entrepreneurs and communities in developing countries

  • Expected Results: Successful fundraising campaigns and increased financial support from donors and investors.


  • Benefits: Enhanced fundraising effectiveness, diversification of funding sources, and improved financial sustainability.

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